Dental Implant — Steps by Steps Illustration

Implant is the modern advancement in Dentistry for replacement of missing teeth.  Dental Implant consists of two parts: implant fixture and implant crown.  Implant fixture is a prosthetic anchor into a person’s own alveolar bone in the dental ridges and a prosthetic dental crown can be made on this implant fixture.  Let me illustrate the typical dental implant process with this recent case:

This patient walks in with a broken tooth.

Preop Implant Front Tooth


Xray image shows only a fraction of the root remains in the bone.

Preop Implant Xray


The remaining root is unrestorable.  Based on the patient’s medical history, he has no medical problems and is perfectly healthy.  And the bone level is adequate for implant.  Thus implant option is recommended to replace the tooth.

The typical implant process starts with initial consultation such as evaluation of patient’s pre-existing medical/health status, clinical and radiographic evaluation of dental condition and adequacy of bone in the implant site.  Implant process is to be discussed with the patient and informed consent obtained.

After the initial consultation, the patient agrees to proceed with the implant process.  The root is first to be extracted.  Because patient has adequate bone, implant fixture is to be inserted on the same day.  The tissue is to be sutured and the wound is closed.

MidTreatment Implant Xray Front Tooth

It would take 4 months for the implant to be integrated with the surround bone.  A temporary dental flipper (with the denture tooth) is made so patient can wear to cover the missing tooth.

After 4 months, patient comes back for evaluation and bone and tissue is healed completely.  The implant within the bone is uncovered.  Then implant crown is to be made and inserted.  This is how he looks like when the crown is put on.

Postop Implant Front Tooth   Postop Implant Xray Front Tooth


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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