Educating Children about Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a very important part of staying healthy. When you have children, teaching them how to take care of their teeth and gums can reduce cavities and keep issues with their mouth at bay. But teaching kids how to properly brush and floss, and how to know when there’s a problem, can take some time.

Being patient but persistent in your efforts, and helping children who are very young to keep their teeth clean, is a great way to reduce oral hygiene problems from the beginning. Here are a few main areas to focus on, when educating kids about good oral hygiene.

Help Children Understand Healthy Foods

One of the areas that often gets missed when talking about healthy teeth and gums is the kinds of foods and drinks children have. Most adults know that sugary drinks are bad for teeth, but teaching that information to children is extremely valuable. Some foods are also better than others when it comes to how they affect teeth, so you want to be clear from the beginning to help kids understand.

Teach Kids How to Brush Properly

Brushing is a fundamental part of good oral hygiene. When you brush your teeth, make sure you’re setting a good example. Kids are always curious, and they like to watch others and see what they’re doing. They’re also good at copying behaviors they see in other people, so if you’re good at brushing your teeth, it’s easier for the children who see you do that to be good at it, too.

Many parents also get their children used to brushing their own teeth from an early age, and to the feel of a toothbrush in their mouth. There are small brushes for children’s mouths, and even to brush a baby’s gums before their teeth start to come in. Having the right size and type of brush can help. Softer brushers are often better unless your dentist recommends otherwise.

Make Flossing Part of the Routine

While most people brush their teeth regularly, a lot of them don’t floss as often as they should. But flossing is a big part of good oral hygiene, and it’s something you want to teach your children to do regularly. You can have your dentist or hygienist show them, but you can also teach them at home. There are different kinds and flavors of floss, as well as floss picks, that make flossing easier.

Normalize Dental Checkups and Visits

Another great thing you can do to teach children good oral hygiene is to show them that dental checkups and routine visits are just a part of life. Children can be scared to go to the dentist, but if they do it from an early age and get used to it, they’ll be more likely to feel less frightened.

You want your kids to have good oral hygiene all throughout their lives, and instilling good habits in them right from the very beginning is the best way to do your part.

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