Benefit of Routine Dental Exam and Xray

There are many benefits to routine dental exam.  Even though a person does not feel having any dental problems such as pain or swelling, there could be some hidden problems that only dentist can detect.  During routine dental examination, a dentist would take appropriate set of xray images and perform clinical examination on your teeth and surrounding oral structures.  Xray images are able to show areas of teeth that cannot be seen visually.  For example, in this patient we take xray image of her lower right teeth during her routine examination.  We took a full series of xray images which consists of 18 films and this type of xray images are taken on average once every 5 years depending on dental needs of the patient.  And this year it is her time for having this type of xray taken.  So we took a full set, and one of her xray images shows her lower right tooth has a root fracture.

Xray Image shows root fracture.
Xray Image shows root fracture.


She has had no previous symptoms and she is not aware of having any problem.  The cause of root fracture might be due to her teeth grinding and clenching habits.  Because of root fracture, we are not able to restore the tooth and the tooth would need to be extracted.  Due to early detection, no real infection or no further damage occurs.  After the extraction, patient would need implant.


Routine dental exam can help detect dental problems.  If dental problems left untreated, there are chances of addition risks such as infection, bone loss, and other adverse health effect.  Dentist recommends routine checkup and cleaning at least twice a year or once every 6 months, depending on the needs of patients.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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