Combination of Teeth Cleaning and Whitening Can Do Wonders to Your Smiles

The holiday seasons are upon us.  Parties, family gatherings and meeting with new friends are things we do and often many pictures are taken.  However, if your teeth are yellowish or stained, I would recommend getting teeth cleaning and whitening at our dental office for a dramatic result.  Teeth cleaning can get rid of the plaque buildup around the teeth and the whitening process can change your teeth to a whiter color.  For example, this case shows that the teeth has extensive brown plaque buildup around the teeth and the teeth has been stained yellowish.  Dental cleaning can help remove the brown plaque buildup and the teeth has become whiter with the in-office bleaching.

Pre Whitening and Pre Dental Cleaning Photos
Patient Presents with Extensive Brown Plaque Buildup and Stained Yellowish Teeth
Dramatic Improvement After Dental Cleaning and Whitening



The in-office bleaching is a much safer and more reliable alternative to the other over-the-counter bleaching stripes.  The in-office bleaching is supervised by the dentist and many safety precautions are taken during the bleaching process is done.  The patient would be less likely to swallow those bleaching chemicals and the vital gum tissue and the cheek/lips are protected.  The bleaching result is dramatic because it can change the color of the teeth within an hour when the patient is in the chair.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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