Good Dental Habits Start Young

Just like many other personality traits, good dental habits can be taught to young children and are often influenced by their care-givers.  We as adults have our own sets of values often attributed to our parents.  We invariably pass on our values to our children through the way we speak and act.  If we want our children to develop good health, we do not only tell them verbally but also we should demonstrate by our actions.  Kids often pick up little clues by observing us and learning from us.

Good oral hygiene comes from daily brushing routines.  This includes the number of times we brush our teeth, duration of each brushing routine and the technique of brushing that we use.  Parents should demonstrate and monitor children’s compliance.  We can encourage them by doing the oral hygiene routines together at the same time.  Make it a fun time.

Also, we can bring the children to see the dentist for periodic checkup and cleaning visit.  This help teach them the importance of dental health.

And if we have dental problems, try not to speak negatively but try to act positive, especially in font of our children.  Dental phobia can be taught.  We can help our children by giving them correct dental knowledges so that they will not neglect their dental health in their future due to phobia.  Our children will have a more pleasant dental experience at the dentist.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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