Forensic Dentistry Helps Identified Victims

Teeth is perhaps the strongest parts in the human body.  It does not get burned by fire.  It does not deteriorate like other tissues after a person has died.  Also, it is so strong that it could survive in a traumatic accident.  Thus, its ability to remain in tact has helped the specialized dentist to identify the victims in a crime case or plane crash.

Each person has his/her own dental history.  The location and type of dental restorations are recorded on the xray radiographs held in dental office where the person goes to for dental treatments.  Each person has his/her own unique dental history.  The location, size and shape of dental restorations are not the same from one person to another.  From these records, a specialist dentist can match the dental remains of the target person.  The specialist would take xray radiograph of the dental remains and compare it with the old xray records.  If there are multiple matching similarities in the specific dental information between the old radiographs and the new radiographs, then the identity of the victim can be found.


Written by Daniel Tee, DDS, MS

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